Commercial Painting

Attract New Business with A New Paint Job!

As leaders in commercial painting services in Omaha, we recognize that regardless of size, every business relies on dependable service from their vendors and contractors. At Gerst Painting, we understand and appreciate this business need. We offer premium craftsmanship from some of the most highly-trained professionals in the industry, backed by the best service in the Omaha Metro area.

Partner with The Commercial Painting Experts

We have built our reputation as reliable commercial painting service providers in the Omaha area on a foundation of integrity, dependability, industry experience, and customer satisfaction. When you call Gerst Painting, you are guaranteed that our experts will be there as scheduled and will get the job done right with minimal disruption to your organization.

Help Is On The Way

If you are considering Gerst Painting for your commercial painting project we’d be happy to provide you with outstanding recommendations from previous commercial clients. Let Gerst Painting handle your exterior and interior commercial painting projects.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Prep and paint any vertical or horizontal surface in any chosen color or finish.

Wallpaper Install & Removal

Hang wallpaper, vinyl, designer paper and up to 54” commercial wall coverings, as well as strip wallpaper to prepare for paint.

Carpentry Repair

We do small carpentry jobs and repairs to keep your project moving forward.

Drywall Repair

We repair drywall seams, cracks, corner beads, nail pops and make surfaces ready for painting, as well as patch and repair holes without replacing all of the drywall.

Caulking and Expansion Joints

Caulking for concrete, masonry, windows and other building needs, doors, siding, including exterior to keep out moisture and seal open cracks.

Boom Lifts

On the job site, days are measured by productivity. Your productivity. Gerst will use boom lifts and scaffolding to give us the extra reach we need to work over and around obstacles on the job site.

Hot or Cold Water Pressure Washing

Latest methods and best-grad detergents available provide the highest level of cleaning possible without damaging the surface we clean.

Rust Inhibitor

Diagnose and check for problem corrosion areas as well as service to prevent further damage to property. We use special paint products and primer coating to seal the rust.

Water Damage

We take existing buildings and create a water barrier or apply a waterproofing system using both sealants and caulking. If damage has been done we will repair to new.

The Gerst Safety Policy

We Care About Safety

Gerst Painting policy is to ensure all aspects of our operations are conducted in the safest manner possible. We strongly believe that safeguarding the health and welfare of our customers and our employees is of the highest priority. Our goal is to maintain an accident-free work environment by subscribing to sound operational practices that will result in safe working conditions and efficient project completion. Gerst Painting abides by all federal, state, and local regulations as they pertain to our industry.